February 23, 2020

Case Study: Cutting Travel Costs

The Challenge:  ABC Company had approximately 60 operations managers scattered across the country. These managers were constantly traveling–to visit customers, train new employees, deal with HR issues, etc. However, management was not convinced that all the travel being incurred was really necessary, and a mandate was issued to reduce travel costs. The problem: no infrastructure existed to review and approve proposed travel–or to compare approved travel costs against a budget.

The Solution:  In less than two weeks, we developed and implemented a travel approval system that:

  • automatically routed travel requests (along with a justification for why the travel was needed) to an approver
  • routed an approved request to a travel coordinator who made flight, car rental, and hotel arrangements
  • routed declined requests back to the requester
  • provided real-time visability to approvers on the status of their monthly travel budget

Result:  Travel expense was reduced by more than 50%. And the application paid for itself in a matter of days.