February 23, 2020

Five High-Value QuickBase Applications

When we talk to a potential client about how we can help, we almost always see an opportunity for at least one of these five high-value applications:

  • Sales pipeline management.  QuickBase has a number of templates for sales force automation, ranging from simple pipeline management to a full-featured system that rivals SalesForce.com.  If you don’t have the visibility you need into your sales efforts, one of these templates, or a customized version of one of them, may be what you need.
  • Project management.  All businesses have projects and action items they need to track and manage.  Microsoft Project and other project managers are powerful—but their complexity can be an impediment to using them.  As with sales force automation, QuickBase has a number of well-designed templates that range in complexity based on your needs.  Half of the Fortune 100 use QuickBase, and I suspect that many of them use it for project management (as well as other applications).
  • Contracts and document management.  All businesses have contracts and other business documents that they need to track and maintain.  Doing a good job in this area is important for a number of reasons.  It can become particularly important when you’re trying to sell your business and are going through buyer due diligence.  A QuickBase application is a great way to handle this effort; reminding you about upcoming contract expirations, enabling you to search within scanned PDFs, and generally making your business document management a much easier process. 
  • HR data.  You may have an HRIS (HR information system) built into your financial software.  But if not, having a system that maintains HR data, including comp rates, performance information, benefits data, etc. can make your life easier.
  • Purchase requests/approvals.  All businesses buy things.  Having an effective, efficient purchasing process that enables you to ensure that purchases are approved is critical to controlling your costs.  A QuickBase app can route purchase requests to the appropriate approver (based on department and purchase amount) and then to your purchasing group.  Nothing falls through the cracks.  And nothing gets purchased unless it’s approved.  Are you trying to control costs after the fact?  Why not get out in front of the issue.

 Any of these look interesting?  Contact us at info@LloydConsult.com to arrange for a free consultation to see if we can help.