February 23, 2020

Approval Workflow

One area in which QuickBase excels is automating and documenting approval workflow.  Almost any business has transactions requiring approval.  Examples include purchase requests, credit memos, inventory adjustments, expense reports, travel requests, etc.  With paper or spreadsheet-based systems, this can be a cumbersome process involving multiple people handling multiple documents.  With a QuickBase application, it’s almost effortless:

  1. The originator fills out a web form with information such as the amount, request reason, person to approve, etc.
  2. the application automatically sends an email to the approver
  3. the approver either approves or declines the request
  4. QuickBase then automatically routes the request either  to the area that will fulfill it or back to the originator (if it was declined). 

You can even build in business rules such as “if the amount of the request is above $10,000, also require VP approval in addition to the normal approval.”

QuickBase provides a simple and efficient process, and there is a database of records for future reference and documentation. 

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