August 14, 2020

Featured Application: Office Supplies Order Approvals

We recently developed an office supplies request system for a client. The unique thing about this application is that it does not require the person requesting supplies to be a QuickBase user. Only approvers and supply coordinators are QuickBase users. A web form that can be placed onto any web page—on the company intranet, for example—is used to submit orders. Orders then are emailed to a supplies coordinator, who costs out the requested supplies. The order—including estimated cost—then is emailed to an approver (or approvers, depending on the total estimated cost). If the request is denied, an email goes back to the original requester with comments from the approver. If it is approved, the request then is routed back to the supplies coordinator for ordering. Once the order is placed, the original requester is emailed with the estimated delivery date.

Budget reports with the dollar amount of previously approved orders help managers adhere to their supplies budgets.

Our client expects to save thousands of dollars each month (more than paying for the cost of QuickBase with the savings from this application alone). Are you spending more on supplies than you should? Let us help you fix that.