August 14, 2020

Weekly Team Reporting

Effective communication is vital to the success of a growing business. One critical need is to keep team members informed about what’s going on in other areas of the organization. Doing so keeps everyone engaged and on the same page—not doing so can create a “silo” effect that results in people and departments feeling isolated and can affect morale and productivity. In my experience, the most effective way to keep everyone up to date on the activities of other departments is a combination of weekly departmental staff meetings and a weekly report. The weekly report consists of two parts: (1) a series of bulleted items, grouped by department, that include activities, milestones, and issues/problems, and (2) key performance metrics, again grouped by department, showing the current week, the prior week, and four weeks ago.

We recently developed QuickBase templates for several clients that implement this methodology, with outstanding results. Contributors are automatically reminded each Friday via email if they have not submitted bullets and metrics for the current week, a “review copy” of the report is automatically emailed to senior management each Monday, and the final report is automatically emailed to the entire team each Tuesday.  There is minimal administrative effort involved in producing the report, and the team stays up to date on activities and metrics. If necessary, reports can be automatically filtered for specific departments or distribution lists.

Is your company doing a good job of fostering effective team communication?  Would an automated reporting process help? Please call us if you would like more information about this tool.