August 14, 2020


Financial Forecasting and Business Planning.  Whether it’s for your own forecasting purposes, for your board, or for your bank — any business needs the ability to plan for the future. Let us help you design comprehensive business models that help you plan — for sales, for staffing, and for capital needs.

Business Process Automation.  Our clients save money and more effectively manage their businesses by automating their key business processes using QuickBase, Intuit’s online database and work flow automation tool. With over eight years of experience designing and implementing QuickBase solutions, we can quickly and cost-efficiently get you going on this revolutionary tool. Our clients are saving tens of thousands of dollars (per month!) with QuickBase applications.

In the table below are a few of the QuickBase applications our clients currently are using in their businesses:

Using QuickBase, systems that would take months or even years to implement in traditional IT environments (with costs in the six or seven digits) can be fully developed and live in a matter of weeks (sometimes even days). And QuickBase’s email-based reporting and notification engine is a perfect complement for today’s ever-more-connected businesses. With QuickBase, businesses of any size can benefit from enterprise-class systems that would otherwise have been completely out of their price range just a few years ago.

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